Thursday, October 2, 2008

just going to school 大学に行きます

well pretty much all I have been doing is going to school studying working riding my motorcycle and sleeping i'm taking math 1050 (college algebra), Humanities 1010 intro to art, and Japanese. my classes aren't to bad i really like my Japanese class it's fun. i got burned by my motorcycle's muffler the other day it hurt and my burn has 3 unburned holes inside of the burn it looks really weird. other than that i donate plasma to earn a little extra cash ontop of my job to pay for gas. so i am really really busy all the time.


Laurel said...

日本語を勉強して、いいねえ! 私も習った事がある。 この時 は202 にいますよ。

ショーン君は何の日本語授業にいますか。UVUとBYU日本語がある! 素晴らしねえ。

血液をぜんぜん上げられないの! ヤイイじゃないよ。 私 迚も恐いの。 ショー
ンが強いねえ。 おお、じょだん。 ほほほ


Laurel said...

怖い not 恐い oops!!

The Oliphants said...

Hope you have time to enjoy yourself and not just study and work all the time!! Glad to hear things are going well. Tell your parents I said hi. I miss you guys!


Kristin said...

hi sean! :)
glad to see you on here. :)